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As a chiropractor, I am in the privileged position to help people be the best versions of themselves that they can be.  I don't take that lightly.  As such, I put all my effort into creating the most detailed and thorough chiropractic experience possible. 

And what a joy it is to see people transform.  To see them Look, Move and Feel their best!

I am incredibly humbled and grateful when someone takes the time to share their experience and express their appreciation. 

Read some examples on this page and click the Green Google Reviews button below for all of our reviews.

Brian Maher

Dr Andy has an amazing ability to connect with his patients and explain procedures in a manner in which is easy to understand. I've been under the care of Chiropractic for 25+ years and have never experienced the through attention to every detail about my well being that he provides. He genuinely cares about providing the best treatment possible for every individuals specific need.

Jordyn Anderson

Absolutely love Dr. Andy! He is by far the best Chiropractor I’ve gone to. He is so thorough in explaining every step of the process and is very in tune of the specific problems/concerns you have. Since seeing Dr Andy, I feel like a new person. I will continue to see Dr. Andy. Highly recommend!

Suzy Cavalier

Very happy with the adjustments so far! I don't even have to mention what's bothering me and Andy has already taken care of it! Very knowledgeable and set up a plan for getting my body in better shape. I really enjoy having exercises to do at home! Makes the plan very affordable and flexible.

Holly Huth-Bungert

THIS GUY IS GOOD! I just wanted to feel like myself again after taking 2 bad falls. Dr. Andy helped me do just that. After his pre-checks, he came up with a plan to help me achieve my goals. I can’t tell you how good it feels to stand straight and tall again, to be balanced when I walk, and for the aches and pains to have gone away. I will continue to have adjustments, because I know they are important to my well being and giving me my life! Give him a call, you won’t be sorry you did!💜🙂👍

Anne K.

I have struggled with degenerative disc disease and consequently neck pain for years. I have seen PT's, other chiropractors, and even an orthopedic surgeon and found no relief. Dr. Andy diagnosed the problem, formulated a treatment plan and within a few weeks I felt so much better. He was great to work with and I would highly recommend him.

Jeremiah M.

Hands down the best experiences with a chiropractor. He is kind knowledgeable and effective. He has done more for me in the last couple weeks than some chiropractors have been unable to for me the whole time I was seen. Highly recommend!

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